The unenviable fate of the counterfeiters.

In Mogilyov the Chairman of the precinct election Commission No. 32 and the Director of the kindergarten — secondary school № 12 Marina Zuborenko the same, which said Lukashenko has submitted a statement to the police. Someone put up signs in each of the entrances of flats where she lives. Them a call to tell her as the Chairperson of the precinct electoral Commission that the falsification of history “a criminal offence”. For the third day Marina Zuborenko isn’t home, her security guards.

Marina Zuborenko told that “live” those leaflets have not even seen. In short, it was all about November 13 at the school № 12 was held a meeting with the candidate for “deputies” Igor Marzaliuk.

According to Marina Zuborenko, the three of them before the arrival of the candidate in MP and change the place of meeting was in the hall and loudly said, “as between themselves”. The essence of the phrase was to ensure that the elections unfair that all falsified, MPs are puppets and do not decide anything.

— I realized that they are just doing the provocation and burn people, set them up negatively. Yes, I myself, after all this was a little wound up — the situation is still unpleasant out — says Marina Zuborenko.

That night she went home: it was late and she went to sleep with his daughter, who lives near the school. And in the morning her relatives reported that the entire entrance and the apartment door covered with flyers.

— I was home that day not sleep I’m afraid. Now I go with security. Why would anyone want to do that? Why me? Because we have a vote on the site of the head of the region and city? I suspect someone could do it, because the leaflets pasted on the night of November 14 — the day before at 10 PM their was not yet sure. But this is only my suspicion, let the police, — says the Chairman of the precinct election Commission.