EKATERINBURG, April 7. /TASS/. The head of the Federal tourism Agency Oleg Safonov has proposed to create a new project – “Industrial map of Russian tourism”, in which there will be created tourist routes to the industrial enterprises of the country. He said this during the international tourism exhibition “Summer 2017”.

“We support the idea of military-Patriotic tourism, moreover believe that it is necessary to create “Industrial tourism map of Russia” with the incorporation of information about the Sverdlovsk region. Ural is still a large part of the Federal product,” he said.

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News Of The Urals

The tourist route will be launched at the Demidov places of Tula and the Urals

According to Safonov, the project will be created by analogy with the “Gastronomic map of Russia”. “Let’s do this not just a map . It is clear that industrial enterprises have a lot, there need to include those businesses where you can come and visit him in the framework of the tourism product”, – he added.

As noted by Executive Director of the Ural tourism Association Mikhail Maltsev, the first proposals from the region will be formulated within a month. “We do this so that the initiative came from the Ural business community of the Ural tourism Association. Ural should be the Russian center of industrial tourism, and, in principle, other options can not be. As a basis we take such enterprises of the Ural mining and metallurgical company (UMMC), Uralvagonzavod (UVZ), the Beloyarsk nuclear power plant and “Evraz NTMK”, – he stressed.

Previously TASS reported that the Federal tourism Agency has supported the idea of creating a gastronomic map of Russia. A similar project already exists in the Vladimir region, it began in the spring at the initiative of the head of the Suzdal Igor Center with the support of the nonprofit organization “rural Tourism of Russia”. The initiative aims to create a new regional brand routes with the active participation of manufacturers of exclusive gourmet product. The result is a tour program that includes visits to rural restaurants, farms, historical sites.

About “Venture”

Safonov also said that the Federal tourism Agency approves the use of tanks to “Venture” in Tagil. “The agreement with UVZ, we had signed on the RAE (Russian Arms Expo – approx. TASS) in 2015, the agreement on the development of military-Patriotic direction. Now Uralvagonzavod already come in droves tourists, but we expected and planned and the opportunity for tourists to use the demilitarized military equipment. The process is not fast, it requires a certain degree of harmonization, including in the government,” he said.

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“Voentur” is an exclusive tour of the military-industrial tourism, it will allow tourists to get acquainted with military equipment and history of Uralvagonzavod.

Guests will be able to attend closed to public access areas, and visit the shops of the company, historically associated with the production of special equipment. In the Museum of armored vehicles, guests will become familiar with the development of tank production at Uralvagonzavod and the contribution of the Corporation in this branch of engineering. The Museum features more than a thousand exhibits: samples of tank armor, shells, nodes, sensors and fire control, rare books and paintings, full-scale specimens to battle the T-34 to T-90 that can not only see but also to see the inside of machines. The final stage will be the demonstration of T-90 in the dynamics at the site “prospector”, a master class from the commander of the crew and the soldiers ‘ mess in the field.