Ukraine needs to increase the volume of reconstruction work in the Donbass, said the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian following the visit to the region.

“Together with the Prime Minister and the President needs to launch a powerful program to restore the infrastructure of Donbass: road, railway, aviation”, – he wrote on his page in Facebook.

The Minister said that this year, the Railway troops will be restored two bridges in the Trinity and Rubizhne (both – Luhansk region), destroyed, according to him, the Russian saboteurs.

“It is imperative that Kiev supported the Donbass: gave an alternative to the destruction of the factories and the lost jobs, new modern projects in industry, agriculture, hi-tech”, – said Vladimir Omelian.

As reported, Ukraine closed the skies over the Donbas after the outbreak of hostilities in the summer of 2014. Currently the closest to this region, existing civil airports are Kharkiv, Kiev, Dnipro and Kherson .