The Odessa regional state administration

Tue, 31 Jul 2018


Photo: from open sources

News of Ukraine: the head yeah noted that all complaints from business entities will be transferred to the Prosecutor.

The head of the Odessa regional state administration Maxim Stepanov appeal to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with a request to check the actions of the State ecological inspection Severo-the Western region of the Black sea in ports of Odessa region.

As reported the press service of the regional administration, this is due to the numerous requests of entrepreneurs who, in turn, complain of illegal, in their opinion, the actions of the inspection, which lead to the delay of vessels cause significant damage for the shipowners, as well as spoil the international image of the Odessa region and Ukraine in General .

“To me constantly ask the business representatives, both local and international, who work in our ports and invest in the region with similar complaints at the unprecedented actions of the State EPA. They talk about inspections with multiple violations, which take place in the absence of fixed regulatory level mechanism,” said M. Stepanov.

“At the request of the State environmental Inspectorate regularly going detention of ships at checkpoints across the state border. This is an enormous material losses. Because of this, we lose the image of the region, which is the transport hub of Ukraine in the international arena. We are the only country in Europe, when “entering” in which the shipowners have to provide additional funds to the budget of 3-5 thousand dollars, for the passage of the so-called “environmental control”, – said the head of the region.