The head of the Odessa regional state administration Maxim Stepanov bought in the village of Stavrovo Okeanskogo house district with an area of 55 sq m with a plot of land of 1700 square meters and has registered there to pay taxes to the local budget.

“As a citizen of Ukraine, pay taxes, last year the amount of my tax Declaration is 3 million 732 thousand UAH. But I would, of course, wanted to see where we go paid taxes. Since I am the head of the Odessa oblast, I would like to raise it the economy and infrastructure. So I decided to register in the Odessa region last week already paid the taxes”, – quotes the words of M. Stepanova in the press-service of the Odessa regional state administration on Monday.

He expressed the hope that the paid money will go to building a school in the village, a draft of which was developed in 2008-2010.

“In the village of Stavrovo is the school that built a very long time . I still was the first Deputy head of state administration (2008-2010) when did the project of its construction. And the children were in the horrible room, and study. So I hope and I will address to deputies of regional Council, to my taxes, including, directed on the construction of this school”, – added the head of RSA.