The us military has decided on additional measures to ensure the security of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, said Tuesday the head of the Pentagon mark Esper.

“We have taken the necessary measures to ensure the safety of US citizens, soldiers and diplomats in this country (in Iraq – if), as well as to ensure the possibility of effective self-defense,” – said in a statement.

American media reported that, apparently, it will be about placing in territory of Embassy of the 100 additional Marines. The military are already in the middle East, but still performed other tasks.

The us military command has not confirmed whether it will be about the deployment of 100 troops in the Embassy in Baghdad.

Earlier Tuesday, protesters against the U.S. strikes in Iraq broke into the territory of the U.S. Embassy. According to some media reports, the Embassy staff took refuge in a special armored room and there to await the restoration of security in the territory of the Embassy. Data on casualties in the incident, the diplomats did not arrive. In the end, the situation around the Embassy is normalized.