MOSCOW, April 3. /TASS/. Chairman SK Alexander Bastrykin has arrived to St.-Petersburg on a scene, where the explosion occurred in a train station on the stretch stations “Institute of Technology” and “Sennaya Ploschad”. This was reported by the official representative of SK Svetlana Petrenko.

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What is known about the explosion in the subway of Saint Petersburg

“Bastrykin held an operational meeting, where he heard reports of the heads of the investigation group on the results of the initial investigation and gave instructions for the main areas of investigation of criminal case”, – she said.

According to Petrenko, the Chairman of the UK personally coordinated the work of the investigation group and also gave a number of instructions in a detailed examination of the scene . “The investigation of the criminal case is on personal control of the Chairman of the UK”, – said Petrenko.

The explosion of an unidentified device occurred at about 14:40 Moscow time in the train on the stretch between the metro station “Technological Institute” and “Sennaya Ploschad”. Russia’s investigative Committee has described the incident as a terrorist attack, but checks and other possible leads. According to the National anti-terrorism Committee, the blast killed 11 people and injured 45.

The terrorist attack in the subway of St. Petersburg. Chronicle of events


The explosion in the subway of Saint Petersburg

On the stretch between metro stations “Sennaya square” and “Institute of Technology” in Saint-Petersburg there was an explosion. The investigative Committee has classified the incident as a terrorist attack.