As it became known on Thursday, August 15, in case of emergency
A321 landing “Ural airlines” in the middle of a field with the landing gear retracted affected
23 people.

We will remind, passenger ship, EN route from Moscow
— Simferopol, made an emergency landing in a field near the suburban
the airport Zhukovsky. According to the company, the liner refused
engines after entering their birds. On Board at the time of the incident was
more than two hundred people.

According to the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, as a result, PE was admitted to hospital 23 persons, from them five children.

While the Ministry stressed that most
victims of moderate severity condition, in medical terms.

“The condition of the victims is estimated as average
of gravity close to satisfactory,” – said the representative of the
Ministry of health reporters.

Previously, “Russian conversation” posted a video
the evacuation of the A321.

It was also reported about the emotions of the survivors of emergency
the plane landing in the middle of the field.