In the official microblogging “Instagram” Kristina Orbakaite has published a short video, filmed for her hit “Without you.” The singer recently visited Prague, where I remembered that in this city it in 1997 shot a video for this favorite of all hit, reports “Russian conversation”.

The fans immediately began to bestow a review star. Many noted that they believe that this song is the best in the career of the daughter of Alla.

“Always loved this song. And now even to tears….Live in Prague, when you walk around the city alone, in my head those words. Almost four years have passed since my husband died, I was very happy. The song and video are great). Thank you,” said one of the fans of the star in the comments under the video.

Fans also noted that over the years Orbakajte have not lost their beauty and became only more feminine. Also, many noted that Pugachev can be proud of his talented successor:

“You’re so cool and stylish in this clip”,

“Hasn’t changed”,

“Incredible You, the song and video”,

“One of the most beloved songs from the repertoire of Christina Aguilera!”,

“You have not changed, so beautiful.”

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, a friend Pugacheva has unveiled interesting details about the family life of the prima Donna Kirkorov. It is also known that Orbakaite showed how eating out of a syringe: fans shocked at what is happening with the star.