Dmitry Meleshko played with the dictator on April 11.

Hockey team Lukashenko passed test positive for coronavirus. This information to RIA “Novosti” confirmed the press Secretary of Alexander Lukashenko Natalia Eismont.

It is reported that the player supposedly “no contact in recent years with Lukashenko.” The name of a hockey player not known, writes

Earlier telegram-channel NEXTA reported positive test for coronavirus known Belarusian hockey player, now team President Dmitry Meleshko. Comments for Dmitry said that is really sick, but we are talking about the cold, not COVID-19.

“I don’t know as there was such data, but in the fashion industry, I have not. Just a slight cold. Yes, I have decided to isolate themselves, but this is due to the fact that my wife’s cancer, so we try to reduce all risks to zero. Passed the test and COVID-19, but there is no result,” said Meleshko.

Dmitry Meleshko is in favour of Lukashenka’s team in the Amateur national competitions. He played in the final matches, where a team headed by Lukashenko won the team of the Minsk region. The tournament ended on April 11.

Wife of hockey player Hope Meleshko also said that her husband got sick and while away from home.

“Her husband was ill and yet live separately, so I don’t infect, still after chemo the immune system is weak, it is dangerous to risk it,” she wrote in her Instagram account.

Did Natalia eysmont just about Dmitry Meleshko is not specified.