Dmitry asked reporters asking Victoria about conflict in their relationship.

About it reports “Russian Dialogue” with reference to the domestic media.

Recently in the media there is news that Victoria decided to leave her husband. Wedding singer with drummer took place about two years ago. It should be noted that between the pair was an 8-year age difference, which, however, does not bother them.

The ceremony was attended by many representatives of Russian show-business. The event was held in one of Moscow restaurants.

However, family happiness was short-lived spouses. Some suggest that the couple misses with the wedding – at the time of the official engagement the couple were familiar only half a year. The marriage lasted about two years, and now it is known that Victoria wants to leave her husband because of the constant scandals in the family.

Dmitry did not comment on relations with his wife . According to him, they have not yet divorced, but the conflict between them really happen often. Kleiman emphasized that Dayneko can to make things better, but he’s not going to do anything.

Dayneko noted that they have in a relationship difficult period, so she decided together with her daughter to live separately.