The Finns began the tournament with a magnificent victory over team Canada. The founders of hockey “Suomi” has beaten with the account 3:1, not allowing the competitors to create a large number of dangerous moments at the gate.

In the next match under the hot hand of the Finnish squad came across the hosts of the world Cup the Slovaks, who lost with a difference of two goals (2:4), but here meeting with US Finns totally failed. The team was unable to implement too many chances to score, losing in overtime.

The British initially was not considered a team that is able to deliver visible problems top rivals in the group. Being not the most frequent participant of the world championship, the team simply does not have enough experience in order to cope with strong opposition.

Twice the British, however, managed to snap. In his first match in the UK showed a lot of character behind the Germans with a difference of only two goals (1:3). In an extreme match, the British did not leave without goals scored, three gate printing USA (3:6).