Such ugliness from the Italian national team, of course, did not have to wait… Well, lost 0-8 to Sweden national team two years in a row world championship wins. But, to lose 0-9 to the Swiss – this is too much! Yes, Alpines are the finalists of the last world Cup, nobody says that the Swiss weak. Just the style of play they have such that they beat their rivals 3-1, 3-2, so to speak, grassroots team, and skip 9 from such a team… attack of the Italians is something… After two rounds is the only team that hasn’t been thrown in the tournament. By the way, in 2017 they played in the elite and scored in 7 matches 6 goals. Naturally, this is the lowest performance of the season.

The Baltic team has probably already lost the decisive match of this tournament. In the second round, the Latvians lost to the Swiss team 1-3 and thus have minimized their chances to qualify from the group… But there are still five matches and fight of course you do.

The meeting for Latvians should be simple enough. Defense the Italians did not work, and a few washers wards of Bob Hartley, of course, abandoned.