Legend of Soviet hockey-Igor Larionov during the break the semifinal of the meeting of the Russia – Finland for world Championships 2019 ice hockey team shared his opinion about the game the two teams, reports “Russian conversation”.

In particular, the Olympic champion was named the best at the moment of a player in the national team. Them, according to Larionova, is a goalkeeper Andrey Vasilevsky, which several times rescued Russian national team.

“Wasilewski is the main hero in our team, he plays brilliantly. A few times really saved our team,” said Larionov.

He also noted that the Finns started the match very actively, but the goalkeeper and defence of the “red car” survived.

Now at the meeting of the Russia – Finland second break the teams went with the score 0:0. On the site absolutely equal game, and predicting a winner now is very difficult.

We will remind, in the second semifinal tonight will meet teams of Canada and the United States. The match for third place and the main match of the tournament will be held on Sunday.