In the third match of the tournament, the country badly defeated Italy (3:0) and before the meeting with Russia will play important match with the Czech Republic, where it will become clear — do the team of Bob Hartley in the playoffs, or limit the task to a minimum by staying in the top division.

The force of Latvia in organisation and mobility. Bob Hartley was able to collect a mobile attacking team, and sometimes it seems that his players play above their individual capabilities.

In the fourth match at the world championship Russia underclass Italy (10:0), yet won the largest victory in the tournament. Wards Ilya Vorobiev won four games out of four, and confidently lead the group B.

A little unexpected was part of Russia for a meeting with the Italians — the most combat, despite the level of opponent. However, this may be explained by two further output, and the need to maintain the game tone. In any case, with Latvia changes also should not be, including the goalkeeper’s line, where the first minute is expected to Andrey Vasilevsky.

In the last three games Russia scored three dry victories. While that team looks flawless, showing high effectiveness and coherence in attack and reliable in defense.