The Swedes yet never burned against outsiders. Moreover, the Scandinavians first defeated Italy (8:0), and then secured success against Norway, sending nine goals into the net 9:1. However, the “Tre Kronor” in the important match against Czech Republic lost 2:5, and the successes in matches with weak teams can not please fans.

Most likely, the wards of Ricarda Grinberga will be charged to Victoria and will throw a lot of pucks in the forthcoming meeting. Do not forget that in their composition there are artists like Hornqvist, Petersson, Lindholm and Nylander, which is the best sniper in the team at the moment. Thus, they can change the course of any meeting because of his actions on the court.

The Austrians are still without points after three matches. The only thing that can delight the team is two goals against Latvia (2:5). But then the team Bader lost to the Russians (0:5) and Swiss (0:4), so we can say that she has nothing to offer in the match with Sweden.

Yes, the team defends better than the Italians and French, but still this is not enough, in order not to lose a large account. If we look at the composition, we see that the average age of players is 27 years, and many of the players simply won’t keep up those speeds, which will offer them the Scandinavians.