Cause of death the ötzi helped to establish the new x-rays and computed tomography.

In 1991 in the Tyrolean Alps at an altitude of 3200 meters found the mummy of men. As shown by radiocarbon Dating, the mummy – about 5.3 thousand years. The body was frozen into the ice almost immediately after death, and because it is well preserved, found out many details about the life of ötzi (the so-called mummy). Thus, it was possible to establish that the “ice man” was a dark-haired man about 45 years that he’d been eating plant and animal food, moved around a lot in hilly terrain. Next to the mummy found a stone knife, a copper axe, bow and quiver of arrows.

The place of discovery of ötzi. (Photo: South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology.)

In the archaeology Museum of South Tyrol at the mummy, which is kept in the freezer, you can look through a special window. (Photo: South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology / Ochsenreiter.)

The locality marked by a memorial sign-a pyramid . (Photo: South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology / Aichner.)”

One of the main questions about ötzi, which until recently has not been resolved, is the cause of his death. According to one version, the “ice man” was killed. The thought of killing the researchers induced injuries found on the body: the shoulder of a man found in the arrowhead, and the skull was damaged.

However, the anthropologist Frank Rule (Frank Rühli) from the University of Zurich believes that ötzi died for another reason – he froze to death. In the report made at the annual conference of the American Association of physical anthropologists, Frank Ryle reported that the wound of the arrow couldn’t have killed ötzi. This can be seen using new x-ray images and computed tomography data: the wound was shallow, and, although the boom burst a blood vessel tissue was not seriously damaged. Losses due to internal bleeding was about 100 ml to die from this is impossible.

Injuries on the skull were not fatal. Some anthropologists believe that ötzi was beaten to death, however, as shown by Frank Ryle and his colleagues, cranial injuries were received in the fall. “Ice man” was wearing a fur headdress, which probably softened the blow.

“Hypothermia is perhaps the main cause of death,” says Frank Rule. How quickly he died, ötzi, is unclear. Death could occur within a few minutes and a few hours.

According to the materials ScienceNews.