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Experts have refuted the theory that the level of the oceans in the modern world depends on tilt of earth’s axis.

Scientists fully “charged” humanity in raising the level of the world ocean. This was reported in the journal Science Advances.

Experts analyzed the changes in global sea level over the last 66 million years. To do this, they studied the sediments of the shells of unicellular algae. Scientists came to the conclusion that in the XX-XXI centuries he grows solely due to mankind’s activities.

The Global sea level over the age depended on the parameters of Earth’s orbit, tilt of earth’s axis and other factors.

So in the Miocene period, 13 to 17 million years ago, the Arctic and Antarctica were virtually ice free. The CO2 concentration then was about the same as it is now.

The global sea level began to grow rapidly since 1900. Experts believe that the reason was the increase in emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It places the responsibility for the melting of glaciers solely on mankind.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have predicted catastrophic for people heat. Also the Correspondent wrote that was recorded an unprecedented rise in sea levels.

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