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The independence of Ukraine, 1991


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News of Ukraine: Chronicle of the 1991 Declaration of sovereignty, the adoption of Ukraine’s independence, the referendum, the first presidential election.

24 August 1991, Ukraine began a new era.

After a long struggle for independence, the Ukrainian people gained their own statehood. Since that day, August 24 became a public holiday, but the country was absolutely new challenges and tasks.

For the past 27 years, Ukraine lives and develops independently in the direction specified in 1991. During this time the country achieved a lot, but also faced with new challenges and crises, there were UPS and downs, reasons for joy and disorders, but the events of 24 August 1991, Ukrainians have never regretted.

August 24, 1991., after the coup attempt in the USSR, extraordinary session of the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR adopted the “Declaration of independence of Ukraine” .

December 1, 1991 in the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR held a referendum on the proclamation of Ukraine’s independence. To the question “do You Confirm the Act of independence of Ukraine?” responded affirmatively 28 million 804 thousand Ukrainians or for 90.32% of those who took part in the vote.

A week after the referendum in Belovezhskaya Pushcha near Brest (Belarus) the meeting of President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Belarus Stanislav Shushkevich and Russian President Boris Yeltsin. The result of the meeting was the official statement of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the conclusion of the agreement establishing the Commonwealth of independent States (CIS).

The signing of the Treaty on the elimination of CIS

After independence on 24 August 1991 the first presidential elections in Ukraine were held on 1 December 1991.

In the elections of the President of Ukraine 61,59% of the voters, or 19.6 million people voted for Leonid Kravchuk, who became the first head of the independent Ukrainian state.

Leonid Kravchuk Vyacheslav Chornovil. Photo: archive

Ukraine is recognized in the world, it has become the legal successor of the Ukrainian SSR and partly in the USSR. 22 Aug 1992 Mykola Plavyuk, the last President of UNR in exile (1989-1992), solemnly handed over Kravchuk appropriate authority and regalia.

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Formally independent Ukraine became a successor of the state-national traditions of the UPR and is the successor of the Ukrainian people’s Republic, which confirms the long-standing and sovereign state traditions of the Ukrainian people.

Start the Ukrainian state was given.