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The independence of Ukraine, 2000-2001


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News of Ukraine: Chronicle of 2000-2001: the closure of Chernobyl, the murder of Gongadze, the Pope’s visit, the action “Ukraine without Kuchma”, the census of the population.

January 1, 2000, a significant part of Ukrainians in a hurry to mark the beginning of the new century, although he will start only next year. But the new economic century for Ukraine actually started in 2000: for the first time after almost 10 years of decline, the economy began to grow. Schools have introduced a 12-point grading system, and Chernobyl was closed. Ukraine is becoming a field for great geopolitical battles. The country entered a period of great upheaval

2000 – the first year of economic growth of Ukraine

In 2000 Ukraine was part of the increasing wave of economic growth, the first signs of which appeared in the last quarter of 1999. For the year, industrial production grew by 12.4% . It drew an and the economy as a whole: year, for the first time since the beginning of the 90s, ended with the growth of the gross domestic product of 5.9%.

But many of all of these successes were associated with the new Prime Minister is appointed in late 1999, Viktor Yushchenko. He was 90 years he served as head of the national Bank and has established close contacts with Western structures.

It is also worth noting that in 2000, Ukraine has started to forget words like “barter” and “rolling blackouts” – not least because of the government’s team of Yushchenko-Tymoshenko. In addition, the government tried to bring the economic processes of the shadows into the light, in particular through the dissemination of simplified taxation of small businesses.

Chernobyl closed forever

In March, the Cabinet adopted a decree on the decommissioning of the Chernobyl NPP.

The stop turned into a show: 15 December at 13.15 the head of state of the capital Palace “Ukraine” gave the appropriate command, through the channels of the Eurovision viewers live watching the turn of a key, stopping the third reactor (1 unit was stopped in 1996, and the 2nd block in 1999). This was preceded by trading with Western countries. Kuchma at every opportunity stated that the obligation to close the plant must comply and the West. And speaker Ivan Plyushch meeting with U.S. Ambassador Carlos Pascual has promised to initiate a review of the decision, if not will continue the funding of our nuclear power. Glad even adopted a resolution which asked the government to postpone the closure for four months. In the end, the West preservation of peaceful nuclear energy in Ukraine has cost more than a billion Euro in grants by the EBRD.

The heart of Europe watched live

In November 2016 4-th unit covered the new sarcophagus. Experts from 30 countries worked on the project “Shelter” – the largest movable structures in the world. It stretches to 110 metres in height, 257 feet wide and 164 feet long.

The Murder Of Gongadze

On 17 September murdered Ukrainian journalist Georgy Gongadze. His decapitated body was found on November 2 in Tarashchansky forest about 100 kilometers from Kiev.

On November 28, the Leader of the Socialist party of Ukraine Alexander Moroz has published in the Ukrainian media audio, which were recorded conversations of President Leonid Kuchma, head of the presidential administration Volodymyr Lytvyn and Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Kravchenko, concerning disappearances of journalist George Gongadze (so-called “cassette scandal”). This served as the action beginning “Ukraine without Kuchma” the organised opposition. The campaign was a populous street demonstrations and tent small towns in the center of Kiev.

There are many versions of who is behind the cassette scandal. Who really helped Melnychenko to record Kuchma, who and what provoked President against Gongadze. This is a topic for a separate study. We still can state the obvious the consequences.

The new ratings

24 September, by the decree of the Ministry of education in Ukrainian schools was introduced a 12-point rating system. The purpose of innovation was declared humanization of education and other goodness, including and objective assessment. In this case, before the end of the first half of the year schools were permitted use an old and a five-point system is at the discretion of the teacher. Moreover, the documents of the Ministry, it was stressed that the teacher can use a 12-point scale only if he is familiar with its criteria and use of the new system does not cause any difficulties.

Nevertheless, the introduction of innovations was accompanied by challenges to teachers (often chosen assessment, finger on the table criteria, or initially determined on the 5-point system, with translations in 12-point) and frequent protests from students about unfair scoring.

The action “Ukraine without Kuchma”

14 January 2001 began the second stage of the action “Ukraine without Kuchma”, which lasted until March 1. All this time, on the Khreshchatyk and the Independence square held mass protests, rallies and demonstrations. On 1 March, the tent camp on Khreshchatyk were eliminated power units.

March 9, the birthday of Taras Shevchenko near his monument in Kyiv took place another demonstration of “Ukraine without Kuchma”, and several of its members have been detained by law enforcement agencies. Immediately after that, the majority of the protesters went to the Kiev management of the Ministry of interior demanding the release of detained near the Park Shevchenko. The procession ended near the presidential Secretariat on Bankova street massive clashes between protesters and troops “Berkut”. Demonstration of “UBK” continued until April.

April 26, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine expressed distrust of the government of Viktor Yushchenko and the President accepted his resignation.

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The Pope’s Visit

At the end of June 2001, Ukraine was visited by John Paul II — a pole, Karol wojtyła. For the first time in the history of the Holy see his head stepped on our land. Three days he spent in Kiev and two in Lviv. And if in the capital events with his participation collected 200 thousand “fans”, many of whom were Polish pilgrims, in Galicia on the papal liturgies was visited by about two million.

2001 — completed the census of the population of Ukraine. Then the population of our country was 48, 4 million people. By 1 June 2014 it decreased to 42 million 818 thousand 389 people.

The tragedy over the Black sea

One of the most mysterious in the history of the crash the crash happened October 4: over the Black sea was hit by a passenger plane Tu-154 of the Russian company “Siberia”, carrying out flight on a route tel Aviv — Novosibirsk. On Board were 78 citizens of Russia and Israel — 66 passengers and 12 crew members, none survived. According to the preliminary version (which, however, still raises serious doubts), the plane was accidentally shot down by a Ukrainian missile during military air defense exercises in the Crimea. The defense Minister then was Alexander Kuzmuk.

After commissioning she was allegedly mistaken refocus on the Tu-154 exploded in half a dozen meters above him and sending it to the seabed with people. The defense Ministry denied any connection between the teachings and the lost liner, but then admitted his guilt, and then between Ukraine, Russia and Israel a tripartite agreement was reached on payment to the families of the victims compensation in the amount of $200 thousand for each victim.

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Over the years the truth in this mysterious fact, and not installed. Moreover, there is still no clear evidence confirming that the Tupolev was downed our (not some other) by a missile and exploded in a terrorist attack aboard — this version is not perfected to the end.