The results of a new study show a direct link between car color and safety of riding on it.

A study conducted
scientists from Singapore have shown that yellow cars are 9% less likely to
accidents than their blue equivalents.

It is believed that the bright color
increases the visibility of the vehicle, facilitating other drivers ‘ vision and allowing
to go around it beforehand. This theory is confirmed by the fact that the yellow
cars were safer than blue in low
light, for example, in street lamps.

Scientists have studied 4175
12 525 yellow and blue taxi car company of Singapore. They used
data speed to eliminate the effect of other factors such as speed
traffic or number of stops.

In their view, transition all taxis
the yellow cars could save $1.4 million a year by reducing accidents .

“Despite the fact that there are
evidence of an increase in the number of accidents of vehicles
dark color, few studies have empirically established a strong
a causal relationship between color and risk of accidents,” said Professor
Ho Teck Hua from National University of Singapore, who headed the
the study.

In several earlier studies
was suggested some connection between vehicle color and risk
crash. So, in 2003 in New Zealand found that people are more inclined to
injuries on a brown car than on white, and a study in
Spain, showed that the dark cars are the most dangerous to drive.

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According to The Independent – translation version
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