Ukraine received a visa-free regime with EU countries, thanks to the President Peter Poroshenko, according to the residents of four of the five residents of large regional centers, as evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the Center for research and communication Group Active in the framework of the project “Urban omnibus” in June of 2017 in Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkiv and Kiev.

More than one third of the inhabitants of the Dnieper (39,1%), Kiev (33,3%) and almost a third of the residents of the city (32.9 per cent) believe that the granting of visa-free regime Ukraine – the President’s achievement. Agree and 22.7% of residents of Odessa.

At the same time in Kharkov, a fifth of respondents (20%) believe that Ukraine has received bezviz due to “public organizations and personalities”, and 19.7% of citizens chose the answer “thanks to the President.”

Residents of cities do not believe that the merit of granting Ukraine bezveza with the EU belongs to the governments of Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Vladimir Groisman either individual deputies-lobbyists. The total number of respondents who chose these three answers, did not exceed 19% in all cities except Odessa, where the level reached 30%.

According to the analyst of the center for Active Group Vitaly Sadovskogo, one of the characteristics of research results is an impressive number of respondents who found it difficult to answer the question “Whose merit, that Ukraine has received a visa-free regime with the EU?” In the river so the answer chosen is 32.3%, in Lviv – 30,8%, in Kharkiv – 26,8%, in Kiev and Odessa, 22.3% and 22% of the population respectively.

“Another interesting, but somewhat sad fact is that having the opportunity to choose “other” and specify your answer, those who mentioned the Revolution of dignity, was less than 1%. Ukrainians or have forgotten about those events, or don’t have them. And only 0.9% of respondents in Kiev remember these tragic pages of Ukraine’s independence and declared that this obligation of a visa-free regime with the EU”, – said V. Sadlowski.