MOSCOW, July 31. /TASS/. Letters of thanks for assistance in the liquidation of the flood in Transbaikalia came to rescue Russia from the regional authorities and local residents. On Tuesday TASS reported the press service of the regional Central Board of the Ministry.

“Rescuers round the clock carried out the evacuation of people immediately reacted to complaints of citizens on assistance. The district administration received and received words of gratitude from the public for their assistance”, – quotes the press service of the letter of the head of the Nerchinsk district of the Novel Senotrusova .

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© Press service of GU of EMERCOM of Russia for the Altai territory/TASS

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The locals thank you letters for help in evacuation. “Big thanks to the rescuers from Novosibirsk! They got us out of the flood zone on land, the time was around two in the morning. They worked from early morning without a break for food and rest. From the shock I forgot to ask their names, don’t know the units,” he wrote in a letter to the resident cheats Svetlana Levchugov.

“When the water began to rise, emergency workers evacuated us by boat. Now the water goes away, but rescuers help evacuate water”, – the letter says another local resident Dmitry Chita.

In Transbaikalia more than a month of almost daily rains, from July 8 to the zone of flooding hit 60 settlements, including such cities as Chita, Shilka and Nerchinsk. Water podtopila 839 houses. The total damage from the disaster, according to preliminary estimates, exceeded 1 billion rubles. Throughout the region there is a state of emergency.