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Science news:his Contemporaries do not consider how many resources are consumed daily.

Humanity 2 Aug violate the annual limit of permissible use of the resources of our planet, which was calculated by ecologists.

Previously, scientists calculated the amount of resources the planet is able to renew every year. This method allows to accurately calculate the day of the year in which the Land is not able to recover the consumed human resources.

In 2017, humanity will cross the line 6 days earlier than in the past. It is also noted that in 1987, humanity has crossed a “threshold of renewability” 19 Dec.

“The planet is not an online store with an endless inventory. A supermarket called Earth empty. All that we will require this year after August 2, stolen from future generations. The task of politicians is to prevent this,” says Christoph Rittgers of the youth Association of ecologists .