The construction of the stadium “Samara-arena” for the matches of the world Cup in 2018

© Sergey Fadeichev/TASS

TASS, 25 Aug. The builders started the installation of the roof of the stadium of the Samara world Cup 2018 in Russia. This is the official portal for fans of the 2018 world Cup in Russia with reference to the press service of the government of the Samara region.

Work began on the sector A, the total area of the roof will be more than 76 thousand square meters, which is comparable to more than ten football fields. At registration, you will use transparent materials white and silver colors. According to designers, they will alternate and encircle the roof of the stadium around the diameter. This design is intended to emphasize the volume, to ensure the ease of its perception, and ultimately reflect the space theme of the stadium.

“The dome of the arena is visible from afar – from the freeways, from the Volga, with all the high points of the Central part of the city, so it is important that the idea behind the designers of the stadium in the concept of its architectural appearance, is easy to read, the stadium has become a recognizable symbol of the city of Samara and stressed its relationship to space”, – told Vice-the Governor of the Samara region Alexander Fetisov.

Works on installation of metal structures of the dome of the stadium was completed in early August 2017. The dome consists of 32 radial consoles. Console form the surface of the sphere with a diameter of 612 m. the Construction is departure the console side more than 90 m. Each of the consoles weighs 277 t

The construction of “Samara-Arena” will be completed in December 2017. Next summer the stadium will host six world Cup games: four group stage match of the 1/8 finals and the quarterfinals.