SUKHUM, August 22. /TASS/. The project of integration of national payment systems (NPS) of Abkhazia and Russia – Abkhaz payment and settlement Association (APRA) and the “World” will end in 2018. So, maps of APR, which operate only on the territory of Abkhazia, will be available in Russia, and maps of “the World” – in Abkhazia, said on Tuesday to journalists by the Chairman of the national Bank of the Republic of Beslan Barateliya.

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“The project of integration of the payment system of Abkhazia of APRIL and the Russian company “national system of payment cards”, focused on mutual maintenance of the two systems, is one of the priority directions of development of the national payment system of Abkhazia”, – said Barateliya. According to him, the first intersystem transaction between systems “the World” and APRA is scheduled for 2018. Now comes the process of approval of the preliminary plan of actions and milestones of integration .

Baratelia added that in 2017 the volume of transactions in the nes of the Republic amounted to 5,563 billion rubles which is 85% higher than the same period in 2016. Of these, 69% are for operations using maps of APR, 31% – for cards of international payment systems. “However, an analysis of cashless transactions in trade and service enterprises of Abkhazia shows that 97% of the total volume of transactions for payment of goods, works and services accounts for transactions using cards of MPs and only 3% for card APR”, – said the head of the national Bank of the Republic.

National payment system created in Abkhazia in 2012. In accordance with the requirements of the law by a non-profit partnership “the Abkhaz payment and settlement Association”, under which developed and approved the uniform rules for all participants of NPS Abkhazia. Participants in the NPS are eight Abkhaz credit institutions.