The security service of Ukraine should be more open for business, is convinced the head of the SBU Ivan Bakanov during a meeting with representatives of the business community.

“Today the security service is the most open among other law enforcement agencies and the security service receives the fewest complaints from business”, – quotes Tuesday morning Bakanova press-service SB of Ukraine.

According to the report, it was confirmed by the business Ombudsman of Ukraine Marcin Svencickij. He noted that the signing of the Memorandum between the SBU and business has allowed to considerably reduce the number of complaints in the address of the Service. If in 2017 there were 41, but this year only 12. The majority of complaints, including those relating to so-called “letters of happiness”, positively.

Bakanov said that the Service has analyzed the complaints and found violations. All materials of the inspection transferred to the state Bureau of investigation, and today GBR is already conducting investigations. The head of the intelligence service also expressed confidence that the introduction of electronic filing for certain checks greatly minimizes abuse.

“The President of the Union of Ukrainian businessmen Vyacheslav Klimov said that the important thing is what the business expects from law enforcement is their predictability, clarity of game rules and minimize interference in the operation of business. In this context, the business interest: does the reform of the SBU to deprive it of economic functions”, – stated in the message.

Bakanov said that despite the fact that most of the intelligence of the civilized world have such features, the draft law on Service in General, there is no word “economy”. The reform provides for the reorientation of the functions of the SBU, in particular on the protection of critical infrastructure. The word “corruption” in the bill mentioned only once – we are talking about zero tolerance to it within the Service.

At the same time he called the wrong idea of depriving the Service of law enforcement functions. He reminded that according to the Constitution of Ukraine the national security of the state provide the respective military formations and law enforcement agencies.

“On the condition of demilitarization, we must remain an ad hoc body with the law enforcement function. Otherwise, under the Constitution, we will not be able to protect the public safety, ” – said Bakanov.

He stressed that the bill on the reform of the SBU appreciate both domestic and international experts and organizations. “Such influential organizations as NATO and the Advisory mission of the EU called it closest to the highest international standards, compared with the previous version of”, – stated in the message.

In turn, the President of the American chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, Andriy Hunder noted the readiness to continue effective cooperation between the security service of Ukraine and the business community.

“Separately, Bakanov said that without waiting for the implementation of the reform of the SBU is changing now. And is doing everything to become more open to business and citizens”, – noted in the press center of the security services.