In the information space appeared the video, which shows footage of the selfless act of an Iraqi soldier who saved his comrades. Brave soldier sent their car on Shaheed-mobile terrorists. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

The driver, to cover
comrades from certain death, not only stopped a bomb on wheels, but was able
to survive, jumping at the last moment from his car. However, as reported in
comments to the video, he was wounded by shrapnel and knocked unconscious.

These videos were
sealed in a tense situation, but we can definitely see how the hero jumps
from the cab the moment before the crash.

Previously, the Network blasted the footage as Russian tank T-72 kills in tatters militants in siriuscom Stalingrade.

Many military experts have compared this battle with the battle of Stalingrad . The published video shows how the T-72 tank maneuvering through the city streets and firing at the terrorists.