The interrogation of businessman Peter Damanskogo, which may be involved in a fatal accident in the Lviv region, scheduled for 10:00 on August 23, reported on the website of MIA of Ukraine in the social network Facebook on Wednesday.

According to the report, the interrogation should take place in the premises of the office of the investigator of Department of investigation of road accident of investigative management of General Directorate of the National police in the Lviv region address: g. Lviv, Bandery St., 1.

The interior Ministry confirmed that P. Dimensao presented to the agenda for investigation.

As reported, on August 18 on the highway “Lviv-Krakovets” yamel’nya near the village of Yavoriv district, Lviv region, the driver of the Mercedes-Benz S65 collided with a car Opel Astra, which killed the driver of “Opel”, 31-the summer inhabitant of one of villages of Yavoriv district Natalia Trila . The police initially said that at a wheel “Mercedes” was a “43-year-old citizen of Lviv”.

A relative of the deceased Stepan Matsevko, reported the tragedy, says that at a wheel “Mercedes” was the P. Dyminsky, and he was accompanied by a Lexus SUV. After an accident P. Dyminsky moved into the Lexus and fled the scene, the guard, in turn, claims that the was behind the wheel of a car.

According to media reports blame the accident took guard P. Damanskogo Andrew Borsch, who usually travels in a motorcade in a car protection businessperson. August 21, Galitsky district court of Lviv has taken the decision on its arrest for two months without possibility of bail.

On Tuesday the people’s Deputy faction “popular front”Anton Gerashchenko said that the interrogation of P. Damanskogo scheduled for August 23, he’s already been served, however, that at 15:00 the same day flew from Lviv to Geneva (Switzerland). He also said that on Tuesday morning the result of legally received irrefutable evidence that the driver of the car brought down to death 31-year-old N. Trillo, was not exactly a guard P. Damanskogo, who took the blame for the accident on yourself.

According to Mr. Gerashchenko, the General Prosecutor’s office has determined the jurisdiction of the investigation of the possible involvement of P. Damanskogo to the death of N. Truly for the Main investigation Department of national police.

P. Dyminsky, 1954 – honorary President of FC Karpaty, co-owner of TV channel ZІК, people’s Deputy of Ukraine of IV convocation.