The investigative Committee of Armenia received 13 messages on offenses during the voting in the parliamentary elections, reports a press-service SK on Sunday.

According to the Agency, the received messages contain signs of crimes under the Criminal code of the Republic.

“The materials relate to cases of multiple voting, open voting, obstructing the work of journalists and the Trustees. Taken necessary measures to check these messages,” said the Investigative Committee.

Meanwhile, the press service of the police reported that as at 15:00 41 received a message about the violations.

The Prosecutor General of Armenia at 15:00 970 studied reports of violations during the electoral process, the press service of the Ministry. 131 communication contain signs of crimes. Allegations of double voting, or voting instead of another person, violations of voting secrecy, impeding the implementation of citizen electoral rights .

As of 14:00 at the parliamentary elections in Armenia voted 865 thousand 884 people or of 33.46% of voters, said Deputy Chairman of the CEC of Armenia Colonel Seyran shahsuvarian.

He noted that the right to choose in Armenia are 2 million 587 thousand 706 people. Turnout in parliamentary elections is not provided.

On April 2, Armenia will host National Assembly elections, the first after the transition of the Republic to a parliamentary form of government.

The election is contested by five parties and four party bloc.

The polls will be open until 20:00.