The IOC called the qualification system for the Olympic games-2020.

The international Olympic Committee (IOC) announced the qualification procedure for the Olympic games-2020 in Boxing.

At the next Olympics medals in men will be played in eight weight categories, women – in-five. In the past Games of men were played 10 sets of medals in women – three. Thus, women’s Boxing, compared to the last Olympics, there will be more and men less.

The female category at the Olympics-2020:

Fly (48kg to 51kg)
Feather (57kg to 54kg)
Light (57kg to 60kg)
Welter (64kg to 69kg)
Middle (69kg to 75kg)

The men’s category at the Olympics-2020:

Fly (48kg to 52kg)
Feather (57kg to 52kg)
Light (57kg to 63kg)
Welter (63kg to 69kg)
Middle (69kg to 75kg)
Light Heavy (81kg to 75kg)
Heavy (81kg to 91kg)
Super Heavy (to 91kg +91kg)

Qualifying competitions will be held from January to may 2020. These are four of the continental tournament (Asia and Oceania together) and one of the world’s qualifying tournament.

The competition will be held in cities that have recently adopted or will soon adopt the Olympic games.

Thus, women’s and men’s world Championships 2019 in Ulan-Ude and Yekaterinburg, Russia will not be qualifying for the Olympic games.

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