Photo: Claudio Furlan/AP the Police feared that the mob then asked people for a favor

Organized criminal groups can offer support to quarantined families who have run out of money.

Mafia groups in Italy to help low-income citizens who are running out of funds due to the fact that many do not work during the quarantine entered because of the pandemic coronavirus, writes The Guardian.

The mafia members began to deliver to impoverished Italians products and commodities.

“Mafia bosses believe the city of his patrimony, But they help people to first and foremost to achieve its interests”, – the story the investigator against the mafia groups and the head Prosecutor of the province of Catanzaro Nicola gratteri inside.

He added that the people left without a livelihood because of a job loss, get “the grey salary”. This has an impact on the income of mafia groups, so they decided to help their fellow citizens.

Of gratteri inside believes that the mafia is planning thus to win popularity from those for whom they deliver food. Law enforcement warns that after the quarantine, the mafia will ask citizens to “reward” them, for example, in the elections to vote for their politicians.

As previously reported, during a RAID in Italian Naples have detained about 30 people on suspicion of links with the mafia clan Sequino.

Also wrote that in Italy the record recovered from the coronavirus.

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