Photo: Eto shorcy/CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

Experts were able to achieve from the device maximum efficiency, setting a record.

The SuperKEKB Collider, located at the Laboratory of high energy physics in Japan, set a record luminosity. This was reported on the official website of the institution.

Electron-positron Collider SuperKEKB demonstrated a record luminosity – 2,40 x 1034см–2s–1. This figure shows the number of particle interactions per second and measures the efficiency of the device.

SuperKEKB broke the record for the world’s largest Large hadron Collider, installed in 2018. Then the particle accelerator demonstrated the luminosity of 2.14 x 1034 cm–2s–1.

Scientists emphasize that the Collider a lot of settings and systems of settings which determine the efficiency of the device. In the future, experts plan to achieve 40 times higher luminosity.

The project involves about a thousand scientists from nearly 120 research institutions from different countries.

Yesterday it was reported that approved a plan to build a 100-kilometer Collider. Also the Correspondent wrote that found a huge natural particle accelerators.

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