Robot avatar Model H


Photo from open sources

Technology news: the Device is intended for remote control use controllers and virtual reality helmet.

The company Telexistence decided to go the way of using the VR management and are the robot avatar Model H is controlled via a virtual reality helmet HTC Vive and a couple of controllers. The robot is mounted on an Autonomous wheeled platform, has a pair of hands and a head that rotates, it also has two cameras for stereovision.

Judging by the published promotional video, the robot is positioned as a device for telepresence, the user has the option to choose what place he wants to travel with a robot avatar. On the website of the manufacturer has not published any detailed features, so it is unclear how much the device can operate without recharging or how the robot connects to the network, if the connection is via Wi-Fi, then this significantly limits the ability of users to freely moving robot avatar .

The robot is now often referred to as two different class of devices: the devices of the telepresence and remotely controlled humanoid robots. In the future, both of these classes can combine in one robot, but to date, humanoid robots too expensive for ordinary people, so telepresence device, as a rule, represent a “tablet on wheels”. At the same time, humanoid robots are continually improving, and in recent years the developers have made significant progress, so as soon as possible the advent of affordable humanoid robots and avatars.

The developers of such robots today are increasingly faced with the difficulty of control, so I suggest not to use fixed panel with screens and buttons, and portable solution based on virtual reality – it allows to make control of the robot more intuitive. Such a scheme, for example, used the company Sarcos Robotics to control construction robot Guardian GT, and Toyota’s humanoid robot T-HR3.