The government of Japan held an extraordinary meeting of representatives of the national security Council in view of the new missile tests conducted by Pyongyang.

Such data was published by the information Agency “Kyodo”, reports “Russian conversation”.

The meeting of the Department was carrying the extra character.

Initiative at the highest level to discuss the past, North Korea launches owned by a Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

According to known information, was interrupted by the Ministers meeting in the framework of the budget Commission, under the office of the lower house of Parliament. The Agency announced a break after the officials headed by Abe temporarily left the meeting.

Note, the command of North Korea launched into the air at least four missiles. They all belong to the new type of shells. Each of the missiles on Monday, March 6, fell within the economic zone of Japan .

It is worth Recalling that North Korea in fairly regularly tests new weapons that causes a flurry of indignation as in nearby States and in the international community. More sharply acts in such situations is Tokyo because of the proximity of Japan to the homes of the tests.