It is this phrase in the title, written on posters, which are on the famous Deribasovskaya street-the masses straight to the Potemkin stairs. In the crowd, you can people watch, curly hair and sideburns reminiscent of Pushkin, and nurses, the ladies in the short veils and sassy. jackets directly on the naked body. So a costume parade in the theater “School of modern drama” opened its tour in Odessa. The details of the witty and the Russian-speaking city Explorer “MK”.

Theatre Iosif reichelgaus thirty years of its existence, the tenth time is coming to Odessa. He is the artistic Director — a native of Odessa honorary citizen of the city. We can say that here every stone knows Joseph, and he is ready for hours and to tell you in detail about every building, street, alley. Here he stands near a poster with your own image, like the portrait of Stanislavsky: almost in front of me, but more corpulent . And actors dressed in theatrical costumes and have already joined the spontaneous procession, turning into a theatrical performance, from the Opera house moved to the Potemkin stairs. Performance satisfied in Odessa last Saturday of each month, local young historians. This was timed to the arrival of the Moscow theater. It here love, waiting, and, in spite of the difficult relations between Russia and Ukraine, help at all levels, if you have problems with customs, passport control… — and they inevitably arise. It seems that the theatre remains the only territory where the policy has no value.

In July over 200 years in our city a lot has happened, begins a presenter, dressed in a bright pre-fitting police uniform. — Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeevich came to Odessa…

And here are three of Pushkin — one in Odessa and two in Moscow (the artists Nikolay Golubev, Alexander Ovchinnikov, which his own plays in the play “Rescue of gentleman of the bedchamber Pushkin”) — and having a little “battle”. “I lived then in Odessa dusty…” — a noble verse the sun of Russian poetry replaces prison about a brothel, illustrating the fact 1912, when he was arrested traffickers who export from Odessa on the ship “Saint Nikolay” girls in Constantinople. In July of some ancient year in Odessa was declared the Charter of the quarantine, and the 10 July local Newspapers reported that in Odessa there were Amateur musicians of a new type. And what great people were born in different years, the sultry July — a great theatrical artist David Borovsky (1934), the chief expert on “harmful advice” of Grigory Oster (1956)… And this is July 7, 2018, has opened tours of the Moscow theatre “School of modern play”. On banners of white on a red background is clearly written: “the Jews, Pushkin, Gogol”.

The troupe Iosif reichelgaus works in the Russian drama theatre, which has 135 years. By the way, in 1892, with a concert tour in Odessa came Sarah Bernhardt, and it is in the Russian played Cleopatra in the eponymous play, as evidenced by historical poster under glass on the first floor. Muscovites brought three names: “Died-smumer, just to be healthy” (according to Jewish jokes), “Save of gentleman of the bedchamber Pushkin” (lyrics by Mikhail Heifetz) and “Shinel/the Overcoat” by Gogol.

The tour opened last statement Raihelgauz “Dead-smumer, just to be healthy”, that is, the Jewish jokes, what in Odessa to do is always risky: here they know the price, know how to tell and thy wits are judged strictly. And is it possible to surprise the city with anecdotes in which so many laughable and where the people often speak just as a joke? Sit at the stage deli — the barmaid was discussing with a friend how the city has changed, in particular, Deribasovskaya: now it is normal no pass no pass solid restaurants, carts, the crowds, the noise all night… the Conclusion: “Yes, on the street had horses fall into a faint”. And to the question: “What nationality are you?” — can answer: “you Know, we’re all a little bit Jewish.” However, according to statistics in the multinational Odessa is currently home to only five percent of the representatives of the Jewish nationality, and it was 30-40.

The idea of such a performance gave me Anatoly Vasiliev, says Joseph Raihelgauz. — He was at the time a collection of jokes sent from Tallinn Yuri Lotman (the famous literary critic, researcher. — M. R.). But Vasiliev himself, not knowing what to do with them, have given me. Yes, and I immediately decided. In the play we have 250 jokes, and originally there were more than 800.

The play begins with klezmerski sad melody, but literally the first scene performed by the oldest actress Elena Sanaevoj makes the audience laugh: “Berta Solomonovna, and Berta Solomonovna, are you asleep?..”

By the way, there is a difference in how to take this show in Moscow and Odessa: here, the viewer starts immediately recognising the joke or situation, assessing the tone, which very accurately convey the artists.

— We just started the show, but immediately felt a reaction from the audience, tells me after the performance, Olga Guseletova that plays the the the Bertha Solomonovna. The audience immediately joined in the game, and we have, you know, in the middle of the play there is a snag: we declare an intermission, and in fact, continue to play — sing ditties and eat watermelon. So a few people trustingly got up and reached for the door, deciding that in fact the intermission…

“Died-Shamer” — an unusual form of the play. Known to all material — samples of folklore, but without any literary editing. On stage — Jewish joke in pure form in all its glory: no literary ligaments, reviews, author’s remarks. Jokes played out as a dialogue, divided into phrases, but stitched into a single canvas, in which the intertwined humor, paradox, absurdity and wisdom.

Vosled “Dead-smumer” the artists will present an original interpretation of Gogol’s “Overcoat” called “Gogol’s Coat” and a performance which had once Moscow theatre were brought to Odessa, — “to Save the gentleman of the bedchamber Pushkin” (played in the theater “Tea”). But Pushkin was known to have been in Odessa just 13 months. The Odessa period of the poet has in nine monumental evidence.