The monarch arrived in Jakarta by plane

He also brought the Mercedes limousines.

Saudi Arabia’s king Salman bin Abdul-Aziz al Saud made an official visit to Indonesia to strengthen economic ties with Indonesia. This is the first visit of a Saudi monarch to the country over the past half century.

Accompanied by thousands of people, including princes and Ministers, the king arrived at the airport of Jakarta, where he met President Joko Widodo. In addition, a special profit monarch 460 tons of Luggage and a Mercedes limousine.

From the airport by a large delegation went to the presidential Palace, where the high guests were welcomed by the orchestra, performing the national anthem. Standing with flags in the pouring rain, the motorcade was greeted by thousands of schoolchildren . Local media reported prudently covered with sculptures of naked bodies, located in the Palace, 150 high class chefs hired to serve guests, and even a VIP latrine, which was constructed specifically for the king.

“For us, it is certainly a historic visit,” said Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers of Indonesia Pramono Anung. The plans of the king to speak in Parliament, and also to visit a mosque in Jakarta, the largest in Southeast Asia. It is also planned the signing of agreements and memorandums on cooperation in various spheres starting from healthcare and finishing with security.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the crown Prince of Thailand’s king.

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