Vasily Vakulenko (BASTA)



Photo: from open sources

The contractor Vasily Vakulenko, also known as Basta, cancelled their gig in Odessa.

Concert by Basta in Odessa canceled, said the administration of the night club “Ibiza”, where was held the event.

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The administration of the club did not explain why the performance artist, is scheduled for June 18, was canceled. However, according to the source Agency in law enforcement, the reason has to do with the position of the group of activists that recently block a in Odessa concerts, actively supporting Russia’s actions in Crimea, arriving on the Peninsula from Russia, etc .

Regarding the performance of Basto in Odessa, the leader of the activists – the former head of Odessa “Right sector” Sergey Sternenko on the page on Facebook wrote: “we congratulate the security service and the border service, who let in Ukraine of Vasily Vakulenko, known as “Basta”. And he’s already yesterday, 17.06, managed to speak in Kiev. Despite at least three illegal border crossing at the entrance to the occupied Crimea”.

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V. Vakulenko – Russian musician, radio and television presenter, actor. Known under the creative alias and projects Basta, Noggano and others.

Earlier, the activists disrupted in Odessa for several concerts, and a number of artists chose to cancel their appearances because of the threats.