Vladimir Putin on the evening of 3 April laid flowers at the metro station in St. Petersburg, where the attack took place

Dmitry Peskov has promised that personnel decisions in the power unit will not.

The fact that a terrorist attack in the metro of St. Petersburg occurred during a visit to the city of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, it is necessary to analyze in details the special services. This was stated press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, Interfax reports.

“Of course, the fact that this terrorist act was committed at the time of stay in the city of the head of state, makes one think, and draws attention to itself. This is the subject for the analysis of special services”, – said Peskov.

He also added that “any terrorist act which occurs in the country, is a challenge to every Russian citizen, including the head of state.”

Peskov also noted that personnel decisions in the power unit after an event will not happen .

“The question of any possible personnel issues and decisions considered inappropriate at all,” he said.

As reported Корреспондент.netApril 3, an explosion occurred in the subway of Saint Petersburg between stations Sennaya square and Technological Institute. According to recent reports, the attack took the lives of 14 people, with another 51 passengers were injured.

The explosion in St. Petersburg: named an alleged terrorist