The low approval ratings of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in the United States were the result of a long propaganda directed against Moscow.

About it on air of TV channel ABC has declared a press-the Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to a leading TV channel, only 9% of United States citizens have a positive attitude to the US President.

The Kremlin does not believe the low ratings of the Russian President in the United States.

“It’s not a problem, but we regret this” – said Peskov.

According to the representative of the Russian President, these rankings are a Testament to the fact that recently in the United States conducted an active propaganda directed against Russia. As an example of this propaganda can cause constant reports in the American media about the “Russian hackers” .

We will remind, Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the sharp statements of the head of American diplomacy Rex Tillerson of Moscow, said that Russia was never the aggressor, and expressed the hope that the Secretary of state will be able to better understand the Russian side and her concern.