Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov expressed hope that Russian-American relations will not reach a situation when transcripts of confidential telephone conversations between the presidents of Russia and the USA will be published.

“Of course we would like to hope that our bilateral relations (Russia and USA) already is full of problems, very serious, to similar situations (disclosure of telephone conversations of heads of States) we do not go”, – Peskov told journalists on Friday.

So Sands responded to the question, don’t fear the Kremlin for the confidentiality of negotiations of presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump.

Answering the specifying question whether the Kremlin to go on the possible publication of the transcripts of these talks between leaders of the two countries, if necessary U.S. side, Peskov said: “there can’t be some eventual answer, we need to consider each specific case. To us nobody addressed with such proposals.

Peskov stressed that the publication of the transcripts of the talks trump and President Vladimir Zelensky is exclusively an internal affair of the United States, and “we are not going to intervene”.

However, he said that “this practice (publication of transcript of negotiations) is quite unusual, as a rule, materials such conversations at the level of heads of States are fretboard or “Secret” or “top secret”, and, as a rule, it is not published”.