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The struggle for the Arctic harassed the Russian Federation.

That Russia nurtures an unhealthy interest in the Arctic expanses, I have written many times, as well as the fact that this interest with great difficulty fit into the financial and technical capabilities of a “superpower”. First and foremost this applies both to the financing of the Arctic projects, somehow implying a creeping expansion of the region and the construction of the necessary equipment, in particular — the Arctic fleet, the Ukrainian blogger writes “Zloy Odessit”.

However, despite funding constraints and degradation of production and technological processes, due to which commissioning of new units Arctic fleet is constantly moved to the right, Russia remains one of the countries with the largest Arctic fleet, which includes a serious ice-breaking potential.

Meanwhile, clear the backlog of other “Arctic players” soon will be reduced, and much faster than Russia can afford to increase the existing gap in potential. First of all we are talking about icebreakers.

Thus, the U.S. launched a program under which the coast guard in the coming years must receive a minimum of three icebreaker with a displacement of 33 tonnes. Design and construction of patrol icebreakers of the new generation was entrusted to VT Halter Marine, and the first of them expected to go into operation in 2024. The second and third icebreakers is planned to be commissioned in 2025 and 2027, However, these terms can be significantly reduced, which also provided the signed contract.

Only U.S. coast guard plans to acquire at least 6 patrol icebreakers, which will allow it fully, without any limitations, to perform tasks in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Of course, first of all we are talking about the Arctic, which the United States is becoming a sensitive issue, because over the past decade, this region fell out of the attention of the Pentagon. Now to catch up where Russia has a significant advantage, it will be difficult, but on the side of the Americans, as always, unlimited funding and technology.

And because we can safely predict that the Kremlin is still on one base awakened the sleeping grizzly bear in a short time simply can not keep up with the potential that show the Pentagon in the Arctic. Attempts to do so will result in unnecessary additional budget spending, as a factor in the wearing down of the Russian economy another burden that will play into the hand of those countries that are experiencing political, economic and military pressure from Russia.