The avaricious pays twice.

Putin true to yourself.

He doesn’t explain anything to anyone. Accountable to no one.

Why are there still pharmacies no masks, gloves, antiseptics, etc., when they will be? Why the hell not give it for free, it’s a cheap budget case… When, finally, will be able to pass the test, anyone? How much we have doctors involved in the fight against coronavirus, what is the bed capacity? Many researchers-virologists and labs to solve the problem, and what the results of their work?

Serious General measures to support people and businesses again do not apply and are replaced by a point with many conditions. Doctors, families with children, official new unemployed – all this is well and partly well overdue. But how to live the rest people? Pensioners? Self-employed? 15-20 million employed in the informal sector of the economy? Im no help? They are second-class citizens?

When the volunteer is campaigning for the Constitution will come to the elderly who are out of the house more dangerous to life than other people? Give them hygiene products, which had no money?

We have, says the President, “solid “safety cushion” in the form of accumulated reserves”. How much of the money will be used and for what purpose?

What is more “black” day, “blacker” today, waiting for President and why not use all available means to help people and business? After all, according to him, it is now — in the next 2-3 weeks will be the peak of the epidemic.

But again, no exemption from business taxes, rent, compensation of salary paid to the sitting of the house (according to the decision of Putin’s) people. Nothing. All in debt, all at his own expense. And the government still went ahead and will require these debts (over 6 months). provide real estate or Bank guarantees… the Feeling that instead of helping the business frankly robbed.

We understand the degree of indifference demonstrated by the Russian elite and power to his people. We are not even appeal to the conscience or mercy… Useless.

But let’s at least think about it purely rationally.

The income of most people has fallen dramatically, and the cost may have increased (medicines, hygiene, etc.) The same applies to business, small and medium — after all, he is not getting cash in assistance, but, on the contrary, driven into debt bondage for years to come. What is the demand in the economy will be under such conditions? You don’t understand what she’s corkscrew, in free fall, coming down, and to recover it is not that no one has the money.

Today’s greed of power dooms the country to long years of hard and very slow recovery. Given the already lost 10 years (when the economy grew symbolically, with a rate of less than 1% per year) — it would be lost for the country of the decade. The avaricious pays twice…

The dilemma, which is seen by many today is how to comply with the quarantine and not allow the economy to fail badly. But it’s a false dilemma. Actually, it is possible to comply with quarantine measures and to support the economy, it is not contrary to one another. And so do almost all developed countries. It is only necessary powers to strangle yourself filthy greed, a habit not to give money if someone has put the knife to her throat, to stop looking at people as parasites and looters…

Here’s what you do: you have to fill up the economy with money. Then people and businesses will survive quarantine with minimal losses, and the economy would quickly recover.

The main obstacle in the fight against the virus — not even stupidity or folly.

The main sin of the authorities in the current situation — greed. Power in stock today almost 18 trillion in budget reserves. Don’t want to help people from despicable pity — so help at least from a naked and cynical calculation.

Telegram-channel “Serono”