Alexander Centurion

Calendar Putin has turned into one big August.

While in Krasnodar burning tire center, and local residents heard the frightening explosions, fire engines could not drive to the place of disaster due to erected on the perimeter of high concrete fence. Seemingly banal news, but for those who are watching events in Russia – it sounds like a terrible prediction. Because this incident – scenario model of the future, when separated from the whole world, the country will begin to blaze from the inside, and no one can extinguish this fire because of the absolute secrecy of Russia.

True seen even the death of Russia’s paradoxical in itself, when people burn in water and drown on land. The dam in Tulun was built by the father of the Minister of construction of the Irkutsk region Nikolay Bolotov. In a 2008 interview he promised that the city would be safe for the next century. In 2018 he died, and here Tulun washed away by the flood and the son of Nicholas Bolotov is the head of government of Irkutsk oblast and is Deputy Governor. The one that promised the victims “too rock” for their rights.

The flood is not biblical, it is most likely man – made disaster, where the population lives and their property paid for cheap electricity for plants Deripaska. According to some reports, the floods killed about 150 people, but no local IC, no MOE these figures do not acknowledge, insisting on the number of dead at 16.

The reputation of the “sovereign people” zero, nobody believes them, because they are planning to build, and then include a sawmill “optimization”, do bring to disaster, and then tell us what “not so scary”. Or not tell, as in the case of fire, the “Losharik”. It is very convenient to classify everything, because even the inexperienced observer is unpleasant. For example, what kind of deep-sea science mission, so where was it necessary to plunge into the abyss of so many captains Range and Heroes of Russia? Maybe it wasn’t “Losharik” and the submarine “the suburbs”? And to avoid any anonymous issues that continue to choke the air with lies, persistently calling nuclear submarine “deep sea vessel” and pumped a victorious song: “On a submarine boat with a nuclear engine”. Sing to the Pence turned in the air in a helicopter and took a course back to Washingtonin, which zhahnem certainly. Not today, afterwards…

And while our state Pisarik rides to meetings and forums. Figaro – here, Figaro – there. Osaka met secretly with the Prime Minister of the Netherlands mark Rutte. It was about the consequences of a terrorist attack on the Donbass, where Russian air defense system “Buk” shot down a civilian airliner MH-17. Because March 9, 2020 the court will start and need to resolve this case.

To officially admit to terrorism, Moscow is not going to, because in this case, the dock must sit Putin himself along with his Shogunate “heroes of Russia”. But you can offer “compensation”, and what political losses, they will turn to the European establishment is the problem of those who accept dirty money from the “nice guy”.

July 4, Putin rolled to the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis, where, after praying, “triturated” questions on Syria and the Donbass, and even raised the issue of a possible papal visit to Russia, despite the hostile position of the Russian Orthodox Church. A little earlier, the “national leader” once again made clear that it is not going away: “it is too early to talk about it. There are still five years of hard work”.

In five years, if not stopped, this special genius would plunge the country into this abyss that the tsunami seems utterly calm. The Soviet legacy of the void, its operation is now unsafe, and Russia has already entered a period of technological disasters. From now on, all will sink, burn, and explode every day for the last 20-25 years, the system only parasitized stolen and redistributed and wrung out, without investing anything in upgrading Soviet infrastructure. Now violent retribution overtakes ordinary Russians, not those who all these years was stealing, being enriched at the expense of future victims.

“Over the past 15 years, the population in secondary towns has decreased by almost 1.5 million people. Mainly in Russia, the outflow of residents has occurred from the Volga, Ural, Siberian and far Eastern Federal districts in favor of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, cities of the Krasnodar territory and a number of other”, – said Tatyana Golikova during his speech at the Moscow urban forum.

Babylon is being consolidated, the rest of Russia and is washed out. Siberia is cut together with the Far East colonized by the Chinese. The creeping expansion is a long time, but Moscow is far away, and the Kremlin is not interested. The main thing – that the financial flows received on time and in the proper amount.

And in the Kremlin in full swing and the redistribution of power. Position Chemezov was shaken, undercover Vanga predicting the imminent landing of people from Rostec; around Medvedev, dark clouds, and behind the scenes the White House is loud and shamelessly talking about the impending resignation of a “mini-lifter”. Gold loses weight, lamenting the resignation of the closest friends of the generals.

Cabbage, abandoned Bulk up, painfully hitting the head with Woe duelist. Formed personnel of the void, like an invisible gas, is rapidly filled with people from the FSB. They coat over the entire area of the country, producing a seizure of documents and the arrest of all the new defendants. This “sugar king” Patrushev displace potential competitors on all vertical floors, bringing the hour of his coming.

After the “grey” to the power always come black. The signs of impending plot is available, Patrushev’s influence is increasing rapidly. Left to place the last shape and stop throwing rapidly aging Figaro. He, you know, five years was measured! To say that the calendar has turned into one big August – utter nonsense. And it will have to pay.

Alexander the Centurion, “Sotnik TV”