In Odessa reported about mining of the House of trade unions, 2.05.2017
GU-Ukraine in Odessa region

On the Kulikovo field in Odessa for the second time that day looking for explosives. This was reported by the correspondent of “112 Ukraine” from the event.

People in connection with a telephone “mining” to evacuate. As the correspondent who is waiting for the bomb squad and after that law enforcement officers actually pushed people out of the square. Many of those who were on the Kulikovo field, went, according to the journalist. towards public transport.

Note also that before you became aware of another mining House Profsoyuzov one came representatives of public organizations and as soon as they sang the anthem of Ukraine, all had to withdraw from the area to check.

We will remind, the trade unions Building on Kulikovo field already mined today in the afternoon, information about the explosives was not confirmed . In addition, today in Odessa “mined” by the two universities.

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