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Russia can transfer to Japan two Islands in the Kuril archipelago?

The head of Russian foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov, speaking at the forum “Territory”, said that Russia is ready to consider the transfer of the Islands after concluding a peace Treaty with Japan. Social networking has started hot debate. Many Russians draw Parallels with Crimea. The most interesting journalists of the edition “Crimea. Realities” here.

“The transfer of the Kuril Islands would be contrary to everything that was done by Vladimir Putin in the last two decades. Everywhere he promoted the concept of great Russia, the collector of land – the Soviet or Russian Empire. And what, without taking anything except Crimea, which is not recognized in the world of Russian, he give Japan the Kuril Islands? Putin is a multiply by zero”, – said the head of the Center for international policy studies Vasyl Filipchuk</b>.