Vladimir Kuzyutkin

© Donat Sorokin/TASS

MOSCOW, April 18. /Offset. TASS Rustam Sharafutdinov/. The head coach of female Russian national team on volleyball Vladimir Kuzyutkin called equal chances of Moscow and Kazan “Dynamo” to win in the final of the championship of Russia. This he told TASS.

Capital “Dynamo” won in the second match of the series in Moscow 3-0. The account in a series to three victories – 1-1.

“The chances after these two days, I believe, are absolutely equal. If at first advantage gave Dynamo, Kazan team is now showing very good game and can adequately play against the same club from Moscow, said Kuzyutkin. – Of course, everyone would like to extend this play to five matches, but both teams show good volleyball. Yesterday was won by the team that wanted it more, and the skill of both teams departed on the second plan. Now the team was involved in the rhythm of the game and chances are, again, equal .”

“It’s hard when paired games in two days to show a smooth good game, in my experience, I know that Kazan is the second time well not play, as well as the Moscow “Dynamo” the second time bad won’t play,” he added.

The next game will be held in Kazan on April 28.