It is possible that even the Kremlin propaganda conspired.

To the naked eye you can see that the domestic propaganda at this time operates openly slowly and lazily, not even trying to save the reputation of the Botox and the face of “Mnogohodovok all Russia”, writes the telegram channel “Forbidden view”.

It is possible that it has also entered into an agreement and soon we will hear the first criticism towards yesterday’s idol.

Criticism in the early stages does not need to be direct and straightforward — it’s a good start and veiled.

“Who needs — he will understand.”

In case of need, the amount of criticism will increase, reaching the ears already “deep people”(which, in fact, the domestic propaganda and directed).

So, around November-December, we can learn that the main responsibility for the economic disaster that will begin to destroy Russia from the inside, lying on anyone else, and the “Nachgedacht”.

Which overlooked, underestimated and failed to take timely steps.

First, such accusations will sound admitted to the air of “Zombie TV” “liberal and Pro-Western” experts. Then from neutral. And the icing on the cake(or final nail in the coffin — as you wish) will be a direct criticism of the “strong Leader” busy Dwarf or Jelly.

That’s when you can officially say that now is the last days of Pompeii Putin.