Odessa SIZO



Photo: UNIAN

Ukraine news:Prisoners in the Odessa detention center has declared that they have no claims to the administration, the facts of beating deny.

In the chamber, where he was a suspect in the murder, saying that their neighbor on the bunks aggressiveness did not differ.

“All the prisoners with whom we spoke in the cells of the detention center, said: no complaints to the prison administration does not have. The fact of the searches acknowledged, a beating – no,” – said Larisa Kosova.

According to the journalist, in the chamber, where he was a suspect in the murder, saying that their neighbor on the bunks aggressiveness did not differ, quietly doing the necessary work and “questions to it was not.” Also, the reporter met with the prisoner, whose photo with bruises became public.

The brutal murder of a woman in jail: there are new details

“Man learned to tattoo-shoulder strap, “stuff” on the left shoulder. The beating he denies . All prisoners with whom we spoke, saying that the dead employee was often seen in the performance of official duties and nothing bad to say about her I can not”, – said the journalist.

The correspondent was held in SIZO No. 21 last journey of the deceased inspector. From the door where the woman left to the yard, to the utility unit. Seen the trash that the attacker threw the remains were in his room and in the barn. He went to the cage where the sow with a brood of piglets, near which there was a terrible murder. The details – in a material.

As reported, on August 17 in Odessa, on the territory of the prison, the attacker killed and dismembered the employee of the insulator. 39-year-old prisoner who was in custody, had already been brought to criminal responsibility under article 187 (robbery) and 115 (premeditated murder) of the Criminal code of Ukraine. According to the Prosecutor of the Odessa region, the prisoner almost uncontrollably resided in the chamber, and in the economic block, where and lured the victim. The police on the murder investigation began.The chief of the prison was suspended from duty.

Murder in Odessa prison: the facts of inhuman treatment of prisoners

According to the priest of the UOC-KP, the chaplain of the detention center Dmitry Krasnobaeva, in the Odessa pre-trial detention after the 17 August, the recidivist killed and dismembered a woman inspector, beaten by the other prisoners. He also claims that the brutal murder of the inspector opened all the imperfection and “rottenness” of the existing penal system as a whole, and Odessa SIZOs in particular. The priest also criticized the conditions of detention in a local detention facility, citing information obtained from prisoners.

Later, on August 19 the staff of Prosecutor’s office of area together with the representative of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on human rights in the region Anatoly Pisicuta checked the observance of the rights of prisoners in Odessa pre-trial detention. “The audit revealed the facts of inhuman treatment of prisoners. The results of the check under investigation in criminal proceedings under article 365 of the criminal code of Ukraine (Excess of authority or official powers)”, – reported in a press-service of the Odessa region. It is noted that the Prime investigative actions proceed.