Photo: Getty Images the UN security Council Meeting to be held 22 August

The request to hold an extraordinary meeting of the UN security Council sent to Russia and China.

The UN Security Council will hold an extraordinary meeting on the issue of missile development of the United States. This was stated by the acting permanent representative of Russia to the UN, Dmitry Polyanskiy, according to TASS on Wednesday, August 21.

“Together with China, requested today a meeting of the security Council in connection with the statements of the USA about the plans for the development and deployment of medium-range missiles of action,” said Polyansky.

He said that the meeting will be held on Thursday at 22:00 Kyiv time, in an open format with the report of the representative of the UN Secretary General.

Recall, 18 August, the United States for the first time after withdrawal from the INF Treaty have tested cruise missile land-based is prohibited by the document characteristics, the range was more than 500 km.

On the eve of the Pentagon stated that it was about testing the latest generation Tomahawk cruise missiles. It was used for the installation of a vertical start Mark-41 (Mk-41).

As stated in the Kremlin, this launch suggests that Washington was preparing in advance to exit from the INF Treaty.

To suspend participation in the INF Treaty, Washington announced back in February, but left six months for negotiations with Russia about a possible conservation agreement. However, to reach a compromise failed.

US blame Russia in violation of the Treaty, Moscow said the charges devoid of reason.

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